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  • How Much Will Future Retirees Receive in Lifetime Social Security and Medicare Benefits?
  • Treasury Pick Yellen Likes Carbon Taxes and More Pandemic Relief, But Not The TCJA
  • Improving State Tax Collections Don’t Let Congress Off the Hook on COVID-19 Relief
  • Why Do States Tax Illegal Drugs?
  • Biden Proposed Raising Social Security Payroll Taxes By $740 Billion…And Still Got Elected President
  • State Ballot Initiative Results: Tax Cuts for Some, Tax Hikes for Others, and Marijuana Taxes For All
  • Could a Divided Congress Approve Biden’s Ambitious Tax Agenda? Maybe More Than You Think
  • TPC Revises Its Revenue Estimate of Biden’s Tax Plan Downward to $2.1 Trillion Over 10 Years
  • Who Gets the Tax Benefit For Those Checkout Donations?
  • Biden’s Proposed Tax Hikes Would Do Little to Slow The Economy

  • 2018 NEW TAX LAW UPDATE: Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (“TCJA”)

    The Tax Adviser Article for Individuals
    Qualified Business Deduction explained

    Tax Cuts Jobs Act Update_Dec_13_2018



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    Rule of 72 (pdf)
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    “Good Interest” & 30-year vs 15-Year Mortgages (.pdf)
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    Network Investments & Real Estate Services

    Tax vs Cash Consequences on the Sale of Depreciated Investment Property that is Highly Debt Leveraged (Short Sales & Foreclosure).

    Cash vs Tax Consequences (Sale of Duplex & High Debt) (pdf)
    Cash vs Tax Consequences – Worksheets (Cash Shortfalls & Foreclosure) (pdf)