A Private Investment Network of pooled funding, to acquire a portfolio of distressed real estate, for the purpose of rehab/remodeling and eventual resale of properties for significant profit margins. Our Business Strategy is to establish a good working relationship with Banks, Trusts and Non-Profits, by demonstrating the ability of our Development Team to perform.

Using photos from one of our largest projects, this slide show illustrates the transformation of a distressed property into a beautiful restored property. Note the extensive work of new mechanical systems, water pex and boiler pex, expansion living area and use of foam insulation.This was a very extensive renovation. Similar on scale and cost of the Selby Restoration (see link below).

Watch Video: The Selby House Rehab Project (2009-2010)

Highlights of 7 properties in Saint Paul, that were purchased and renovated in 2011. We were fortunate to have an excellent crew work on all 7 projects (and more). We are grateful to our Investor Group for providing the funding to make these renovations possible. We have very happy homeowners that will certainly enjoy these almost new homes.

Renovation slide-show of a 5-Bedroom, 2-Bath, Single Family Home in North Minneapolis. Bryant Development Group, LLC was the developer. McMurray Construction Company, along with Investors, provided the funding. Contreras Construction performed the rehab work.

The Logan Property was purchased on November 30, 2009 & sold June 4, 2010

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