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William E. Bryant President

You need a Tax Professional that understands Real Estate Development

  • Raised over $20 Million in Debt/Equity
  • Acquired over $75 Million in Low Income Housing Tax Credits and Historic Tax Credits
  • Co-General Partner in a 48-Unit Senior Tax Credit Housing Project
  • Over $2 Million of property value currently under Rehab

Time is Money

If you are looking to sell, buy, reinvest or exchange properties, or if you need someone to review an investment proposal for the purchase or sale of a business, please contact me for a consultation.

Here is an example of the Rehab Process

This photo-video illustrates the transformation that takes place during the rehab of our properties. Here, you will see the “before” and “after” photos of the same room to view and compare the change in appearance. As long as the structure of the property is solid, we can rehabilitate and improve the appearance to make them very appealing. Here is the full video of the Wentworth Renovation.

Low-Income Housing  Tax Credit Example – Code Section 42 – Real Estate Services & Tax Related Issues 

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Projections

Tax vs Cash Consequences on the Sale of Depreciated Investment Property that is Highly Debt Leveraged (Short Sale & Foreclosure).

Cash vs Tax Consequences (Sale of Duplex & High Debt) (pdf)

Cash vs Tax Consequences – Worksheets (Cash Shortfalls & Foreclosure) (pdf)

Example of Broker Contract:

Network Investment Brokerage Contract & Exhibit A (pdf)

Visit my YouTube Channel to see videos of Renovation Projects