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Highlights of the Whale Watching during our Alaskan Cruise in 2005. We took a special boat in Juneau to see these whales and it was a wonderful experience.

Alaskan Whales – 2005 Cruise from William Bryant on Vimeo.


Our 2005 Alaskan Cruise – A Photo Slideshow by Bill & Betty Bryant from William Bryant on Vimeo.

Almost 400 photos compiled into a video tribute to celebrate the life of Jeanette Holman and her family.

Tribute to Jeanette from William Bryant on Vimeo.

The Wentworth Rehab Project – (1989-1990) A Photo Video of the rehab process at this property.


Interfaith Banner - KarunaFor info on theĀ  – Religious Banner – Interfaith (pdf)

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