Tax Related Links & Resources:

Internal Revenue Service
Minnesota Department of Revenue
The Simple Dollar: A good web site with Tax Calculations, Forms and Info
Tax Almanac
Tax Policy Center
Tax News & Commentary
Government Accountability Office
Research Revenue Rulings & Cases
What Factors Determine Minnesota Residency ? (.pdf
Minnesota 529 College Savings Plan – Online Setup & Management

Links for Investment & Financial Planning & Real Estate:

Hennepin County Property Tax Info
Minneapolis Property Info
Ramsey County Property Tax Info
Anoka County Web Site
Mortgage Rates & Financing
PHH Home Loans – Interest Rates & Pre-Qualify Info
Financial Calculators for Loans – Retirement – Growth
Calculators – Mortgages & Loan Payoffs
Big Charts of Market Activities
Right On The Money
Bureau of Labor & Statistics – Consumer Price Indexes
CCIM – Commercial Real Estate Network
Institute for Real Estate Management (IREM)
National Real Estate Investor
Affordable Housing Finance

Resource Documents & Files; Financial & Estate Planning:

Gift Tax & Estate Tax Issues & Planning
Rule of 72 (pdf)
Time Value of Money for Retirement (.pdf)
“Good Interest” & 30-year vs 15-Year Mortgages (.pdf)
Family Limited Partnerships – An Overview (pdf)
Deferred Tax – IRC Sec 1031 Exchange (pdf)
Common Law Marriage Questions – Minnesota (.pdf)

Marriage Planning: Tax & Economics (pdf)
The “Stealth Tax” – The Alternative Minimum Tax (.pdf)
Depreciation Tables & Asset Class Life (pdf)

Resource Documents & Files; Low-Income Housing Tax Credits:

Visit Page:  Oak Hills Manor for IRC Sec 42 Info & Examples

Resource Documents & Files; Litigation Support

Litigation Support Article posted in LinkedIn – Bryant
Economic Loss – Case 1 Litigation Example
Economic Loss – Case 2 Litigation Example
Valuation Engagement for Estate Taxes – Form 706 (.pdf)
Valuation of Partnership Interest Example (PDF)

Real Estate Services & Network Investments

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges – Benefits & Procedures

Tax vs Cash Consequences on the Sale of Depreciated Investment Property that is Highly Debt Leveraged (Short Sales & Foreclosure).

Cash Flow Benefits of Owner-Occupied Duplex-Triplex-Fourplex (pdf)  

Tax Analysis of Partnership Sale of Underlying Asset & Redemption vs Buy-out of Partner Interest (pdf)
Summary Chart of Structure: Buy-out vs Redemption

Network Investment Brokerage Contract & Exhibit A (pdf)

Inflation-Indexed Mortgages & Real Mortgage-Backed Securities

Example of an Inflation Indexed Mortgage (“Real Rate Mortgage”).

Cash Flow Benefits of the Inflation-Indexed Mortgage
Real vs Nominal Mortgages
Real Mortgage – Hedge Against Inflation
The Incredible Shrinking Dollar – Inflation
The Grand Illusion – Negative Amortization Myth
Historical Index – Real Rates
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities – TIPS
TIPS Analysis – JP Morgan 9/12-96

Summary Due Diligence – Real Mortgage Underwriting
Full Due Diligence – Real Mortgage Underwriting